About Us

Expressive Athletics is a Southern California based company started in 2016 by a recreational, semi-competitive tennis player who set out to create a unique line of products to let athletes of any level express themselves during play.

Our products are intended to fulfill multiple needs ranging from getting laughs during a social sports outing, expressing your current mood and showing off your personality to helping overcome frustration and mental challenges everyone faces when they play.

Our products have a signature look, feel and style and we continually push the envelope of what is technically possible in a tennis dampener, experimenting with odd (sometimes impossible to make) shapes, different sizes, glitters and textures. We spare no cost when it come to production methods to ensure high tennis racket shock absorber performance in addition to an unmatched level detail and workmanship.

We are happy to have a growing fan base and a rapidly expanding product line as we transition from online retailer to wholesale distributor with the goal of supporting tennis store owners and on-site tennis event vendors.

We love hearing from our customers and getting input from tennis players, coaches and store owners. Your ideas, feedback and product suggestions are always welcome!

Andy Halio

Owner, Expressive Athletics